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Diving In: Market Insights

Charleston. Oh Charleston. This market has been crazy everyone! We love sharing the monthly Charleston, S.C. housing statistics with each of you in our monthly emails (if you don’t get them SIGN UP HERE). Searching for homes in the greater Charleston area or selling your beloved home can be scary enough without the rumors and […]

By Audra Walters

New Neighborhood Spotlight: The Settlement

The Settlement at Ashley Hall is Charleston’s newest best (not) kept secret; and the first in decades to be located INSIDE the I-526 connector. This neighborhood is rocking the Southern Charm card being chosen by Southern Living as Charleston’s first and only Southern Living Inspired Community. The development has a multitude of floor plans to […]

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Why Choose Front Porch Properties SC?

We love to discuss our staging branch, Staging Charleston, but often don’t discuss our real estate component and what makes Front Porch Properties S.C. unique. In the oversaturated seller’s market of Charleston it is easy to be bombarded with a multitude of realtor referrals. Honestly, finding the right real estate agent can be as personal […]

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Don’t Let Listing Your House Affect Your Holiday Spirit

While you might not want to go full Fall frenzy or total Griswold Christmas there are plenty of ways to deck the halls while keeping your Charleston, SC home market worthy. Here are the top things to remember when decorating your listed house during the holiday season:– Stage first– Mind your space– Keep it neutral– […]

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By Audra Walters

How Long is Too Long?

It’s hard to ignore all the buzz about the housing market whether you’re searching for your dream home in Charleston or selling one. Discussions about the housing market can make any seller question whether their house “should” have been sold already and for what cost. But how long is truly too long? When should you […]

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By Audra Walters

Understanding Mortgage Rates

I find often with my Charleston clients their biggest fear is the financial logistics of home buying, not even the home budget itself. Navigating approvals and understanding mortgage rates is often foreign to potential buyers of all ages. In an industry where the rates and economic impacts change daily it’s no wonder this is a […]

By Audra Walters

How to Spruce Up Before Spring Selling

Spring is in the air and the selling season is beginning. Before you decide to put your house on the market there are a few simple projects you can do that can make a BIG impact on your appeal to homebuyers in the Charleston area. Curb Appeal: Your yard and entryway is the first thing […]

By Audra Walters

How to Decorate with Neutrals Without Being Boring

Having decorated countless homes in my career, I’ve come to realize three things: First—that the theme you go with has to be anchored on the main architectural elements of your home. If your house features natural wooden accents or striking brick elements for example, these are things that should factor into your overall aesthetic. Second—neutrals […]

By Audra Walters

Putting a Modern Twist On Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is a statement piece in its own right. It stands alone and gives a home character in a way that a basic white wall—while classic—isn’t able to. They’re perfect in their imperfection, visually appealing, as well as practical and durable. The fact that bare brick is having a big fashion moment now (thanks […]

By Audra Walters

How Practical Are Solar Powered Homes In South Carolina?

How practical are solar powered Homes in South Carolina? I’ve been asked this question quite often in recent years. Let’s start with the statistics—there are about 90 million single-family homes in the US. Among those, there are around 2 million solar powered homes. I know 2 million out of 90 may not seem like a […]