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Top 3 Myths of Home Staging

1- Staging is only for wealthy clients. “My house isn’t big enough to stage.” “My house isn’t valued high enough.” “It’s out of my price range.” We hear this ALL. THE. TIME. Let’s put an end to this today. Staging isn’t just for million dollar listings. In fact, staging can be MORE beneficial to smaller […]

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Updating Your Home to Sell

Should you update your home? This is a constant question that I feel like has gotten more attention with the recent pandemic. Many of my followers, friends and clients are in the debate of whether or not to update their home either to sell or with the goal of selling in the near future (next […]

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By Audra Walters

Give your Green a Facelift on a Budget

How to cost effectively update your yard before selling this spring.Need to put a little TLC into your curb appeal this spring? While the seller’s market is rampant in Charleston, S.C. a little extra yard love can go a long way in attracting the right home buyers. After spending time and budget on your interior […]

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Winterizing your Lowcountry Home

Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Especially for our northern transplants and snowbirds the thought of winterizing your Lowcountry home can seem laughable, but there are a few things you can do to save energy, money and a little hassle this time of year. January is the coldest month in Charleston, SC where overnight temps […]

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9 Trends of Millennial Home Buyers

Make way baby boomers millennials are coming through! As of Decemeber 2019 Millennials made up the largest majority of homebuyers in the market, with a respective 37% of homebuyers in 2018. Millennials are approaching purchasing a home a new way causing relators and sellers to have to adapt their habits in the ever changing home […]

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Hello From Staging Charleston

A lot of what I discuss and share is focused on the real estate world in terms of buying, selling and listing a Charleston home. I wanted to take a few minutes today to touch on the home staging part of my business: Staging Charleston. What is home staging? Who needs their homes staged? What […]

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Decor for the New Decade: Is Your Home On Trend?

It’s a new decade, and almost a new season (Hello Spring!) is your home, or home taste, on trend? Good Housekeeping has launched their ‘Top 15 Decor Trends for 2020’ and we are feeling the new vibes. We love seeing how our Charleston clients decorate their new homes and can’t wait to see more of […]

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How to Spruce Up Before Spring Selling

Spring is in the air and the selling season is beginning. Before you decide to put your house on the market there are a few simple projects you can do that can make a BIG impact on your appeal to homebuyers in the Charleston area. Curb Appeal: Your yard and entryway is the first thing […]

By Audra Walters

How to Decorate with Neutrals Without Being Boring

Having decorated countless homes in my career, I’ve come to realize three things: First—that the theme you go with has to be anchored on the main architectural elements of your home. If your house features natural wooden accents or striking brick elements for example, these are things that should factor into your overall aesthetic. Second—neutrals […]

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Haint Blue Keeps Spirits (And Wasps) Away: The Whys Behind the Blue Porch Ceilings In Charleston, SC

If you’ve spent any time on a historic Charleston SC front porch (sipping sweet tea in a rocking chair, my guess), you’ll notice that robin’s egg blue painted on everyone’s porch ceilings. This trend is not purely for style: it serves a practical and metaphysical purpose.